We are MUSIC BOX and we are happy to welcome you in our music space, doesn't matter of your age, talent or experience. MUSIC BOX was founded by Bogdana Atanasova in 2013 in Sofia. The studio quickly attracts participants and by 2020 the initiative brings together a team of 16 talented teachers. We offer individual singing, piano, guitar and solfegio lessons, music and drama groups for children. If you want to participate in a television music format or to apply at professional music school or Academy, MUSIC BOX is your place! We have two locations - in Manastirski livadi and in Mladost 3.

Bogdana Atanasova – Founder of MUSIC BOX and Vocal Teacher:

""Ever since I’ve remembered myself, I have been doing music. I’ve had lots of teachers and countless situations of tests and achievements. 30 years after my first piano lesson and thousands of hours, filled with "the most beautiful movement”, the only thing I’m absolutely sure about, is that the music is gorgeous and belongs to all of us. My concept is quite simple – I welcome everyone, who feels the joy of music. I aim comfort – for those, who have just started, aswell as the ones who have already made some steps ahead, and experience the necessity to deepen their exploration of the musical language!"

Anna Katsarova – Lecturer and Advertising Manager in MUSIC BOX:

„The music has always been part of my life. A partnership – romantic and a little bit practical, but very conscious and exciting. Because the music touches souls and tells stories, brings meaning, love and hope...My name is Anna Katsarova and I love to love. There is no such thing as an ex musician or an ex advertiser. I dream of a world with more valuable people and deeds. World - where people are able to hear the beauty. The beauty in music...."




Our teachers have professional music education and years of experience with youthful spirit and modern skills.



We strive for an individual approach in the training of everyone, providing the opportunity for independent choice of repertoire, stage appearances and a suitable environment of people with common interests.



Our goal is to offer flexible conditions in cozy and professionally equipped workplaces at optimal prices.

Mission & objectives

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To help you love and understand yourself through music.

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To encourage you to enjoy life.

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To make dreams come true.