Welcome to MUSIC BOX!

We are happy to welcome you in our music space - doesn't matter of your age, talent or experience. We offer individual singing, piano, guitar and solfeggio lessons, music and drama groups for children. If you want to participate in a television music format or to apply at an professional music school or Academy, MUSIC BOX is your place! We have two locations - in Manastirski livadi and in Mladost 3.


Singing lessons

Pop, rock, jazz, musical and classical singing lessons.

Piano lessons

We play in different styles as classical, pop, rock, film and modern music.

Guitar lessons

Classical, jazz, pop, rock, blues and Bass guitar lessons.

Music for children

Music group lessons for children between 2 and 4 years old.

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What students say

Albena Kovacheva
Angela Petrova
Boris Goranov


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1000 Sofia
Manastirski Livadi
9A Sinanishko ezero Str.
1000 Sofia
Mladost 3
51 Aleksandar Malinov Blvd.
Metro City Center
floor: - 1
Phone: 0886 661280
E-mail: musicbogs@gmail.com